Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sports Day.

Sports day, also known as freedom day =)

Went to MPH (Multi Purpose Hall) not the MPH bookstore at Spring okei...

And, we played badminton mwahahaha sooo fun~ But there were some intrusion that we considered... infuriating. There were so many people, which IMO had never played basketball b4, and were THAT desperate. =_= 3 words - "Get a lifE"

It was crazy, squash after badminton, but i didnt join =D Mr.C played ping pong against a guy from my previous school. Pingpong competition that day, and there were quite some spectators too X)

Ah u see la... ...
Squash Fever...
But its nice to take a short rest once in a while ... right? =)
Stay happy, Stay fit, Stay healthy.

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