Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mistakes, and Failures.

A successful person, did not walk through an easy route.
It is a route, full of valuable experiences, especially mistakes and failures.

Some may say failure are devastating, or even worse, ruin their life.
But the truth is, it doesn't.
We humans make mistakes, and fail too. But...
The best part is...
We learn from it!

No one is perfect. New things are infinite in this vast world, and we are not accustomed to it.

Generated from mistakes, a result from mistakes. A heart-breaking outcome. A well-said quote, "The great thing about failures is not about surviving it, but to learn from it."

And now here stands a diverging pathway.
From here i see, one path with overgrown foliage that even cover the pavement. It sticks out a mile that it is a road less travelled by passers-by.
On the contrary, the other lies a straight route, even and tidy which not a single dust on the ground can be seen.

So i shall hereby choose the latter. And i shall contradict with the original meaning to be conveyed. (The Path Not Taken, HighSchool Literature)

At times like this, it is not wise to follow the traditions of our precedents. Change is inversely proportional to Time. As our precedents conveyed to not necessarily follow the ways of their precedents, and so we shall relate it to ourselves.

*Time waits for no man.* Advisably, is in short taking the easy way out.
Adaptations, is what that matters.
Realisations, is all that matters.

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