Thursday, September 11, 2008


I left my pendrive at that fucking Multimedia lab. Again.
Wtf ?! =.=

Just now went to steamboat! Ha the place where i 1st went out with the 'IT Gang' =P It was fun as usual, with Jamie eating all the prawns, and Alison eating all the mushrooms. Waa waa waa *faint~ They even called Marlene to join us O-O

Juinn Hsien flashing Spotlight at Jamie's car on the way to RHPlaza! Haha FlashyFlashy *+*

See the food Jamie ate.. This is called leftovers. Shells of prawns and clamps. =X

Hmm... Now we're planning... Tomorrow night play lantern.. Saturday go play paintball + badminton omgosh!

Ha.. My own plans will be.. Celebrating Mooncake Festival at my grandma's place on Saturday... And going to the foodfair to help out selling Spaghetti on Sunday... This is SOOO gonna be a hectic weekend. And, with the 30% EM exam next Saturday, and Due-dates of English Report and Multimedia drawing near... I'm close to a breakdown. Soon.

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