Saturday, September 20, 2008


EM test is so over. But there will be one last one coming for the finals, then it will be gone for good. And when that time comes, i shall call it: "Good Riddance."

Badminton again today. LaserTag cancelled =( Ha Marlene joined us again today, funny as usual. Today even syok, so many ppl XD What a day...

Went to atmosfera, since my cousin Derrick called me and i was sort of... Free. =) Brendan and my bro joined, but sadly the top floor is closed for private function ... Haiz. The ground floor wasn't that bad either. At least there was a place for us to sit and chat. Some gossips too? =P

My first so ever -- Tiramisu !! =)

Hazelnut... Twin-transformers chicken burger and my Tuna sandwich hehe... X)
Somehow i vaguely see a dim rainbow beyond those clouds.
For i hope it shall be whole. Immaculate. Unblemished.
And perhaps something is coming.
For the better? I guess...

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