Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eternal Existence

And off i go to attend the first funeral in my life.
Its gonna be a long, hard and tiring day.
But i have a feeling things will be all right.
Because my great-grandma's soul shall elevate to another level of existence.
Immeasurable, Inexplainable.
Maybe... Just pure bliss.
So, may Her soul R.I.P.
and enjoy a whole new life, in God's arms. =)
Its hard to say bye bye sometimes
Its hard to let go sometimes
But its an important lesson for everyone to experience.
Experience letting go and moving on in life.
3 words - Go, Carry, Move.

Go on - Go on in life after something bad has happen
Carry on - Continue moving till a direction is found
Move on - Walk till the end, with the path directed.

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