Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ah today wasnt that bad.. Should not have attended EM la.. Could have just skipped the whole day. I just realised i have been becoming more and more indolent as days pass. Wouldnt say that i dont care, just that... Care less. Badminton was fun, but it was tiring for 2 hours. Worthwhile, i would say. Cant wait for what comes... Hoping somethingS good. Ha~ *wink


Maybe i shouldn't care.
But not concerning is disconcerting.
I could follow my own beliefs.
But what i think is right might not be so.
I might be feeling 'cosine' or 'sine' to what is happening.
But when can i ever feel the 'tangent' to the present?

When i sojourn my fatigue.
Or being apathetic, maybe.....

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