Monday, September 15, 2008

Sore x 3

Paintball. Badminton. FoodFair. Triple the sore. Yesterday night was relaxing cause of dinner at Rockroad restaurant =P The worst part only came this morning. The food fair really kills with all the people around. And we're supposed to stay there whole morning?! Man, i could need a break! Thats why i escaped to my car and blow the air-con there~~ Cool coool coooool~ But then, i saw something. Or perhaps someone? The same person which received Confirmation in my brother's class. I guess i shouldnt be imagining things, and should culminate these wishful thinking. Action speaks louder than words. But the thing is, there is NO action, and NO words. How could either one surpass the other?

Afternoon was a cousin's day. We were supposed to go to LaserTag, but unfortunately there were 2 fucking noob malays at the counter. Where the heck did my friend go to?! Those knn huana guys didnt even bother to answer my questions. No wonder they DONT have ANY business! Oh but what the heck, we were so desperate and no one we know to help. Ok then. Cul-de-sac. The situation left us no other option but to go to Spring, as suggested by my cuzzy Derrick =) Oh well just a visit to the Pearl Milk Tea store only to find out that the 'pearls' are out of stock. SORE! Sugarbun then. And airport after that, to bade farewell to our aunt =( We shall meet again.

Night. Hours ago seemed quiet. Though there were a few neighbours outside the park playing lanterns. And i thought my grandma's would be 'meriah'. While disappointed i found out something very interesting. And it caught my attention, to the fullest. It made me contemplate deeply. It is a story, not the secret to be rich, but to evaluate your own personality. More on this in the next post. Barely any moons tonight, stars too. I wonder if this is called a mooncake festival if there is no moon to gaze at. I wonder... But at least i did my Multimedia. At last.

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