Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rain Sunday Rain

Afternoon tried out programming. Got the pattern, idea.. But still cant get the answer to display in the label! Damn... Oh well...

Then decided to go out since its boring at home on Sundays.. The 1st thing on my mind, FLAVOR TWIST !! Mwahaha thats what u call craving for ice cream huh? =P So i went to the Kuching Internation Airport! MacDonald's of course hehe.. Fries and Flavor Twist. Perfect. After that still ordered my favourite Oreo MacFlurry before we went to find for sweets. Went up the excalator and saw Jo & Sue. So ngam one the timing hahaha they brought their mum to the Airport too. Then my cousin, my bro and I started *digging in choosing sweets =) FamousAmos!! High class sweets dont play play ah! Two packets RM10+ but it's worth it since i lurvvvvee SWEETS mwahaha so gonna eat till my teeth drop~!!

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