Thursday, September 4, 2008

Elmo's Story. Part IV

Elmo's Story. Part 4.

Elmo on vacation! He found a very nice spot... Which he can escape from the clutches of torture by humans... He finds it cozy in there... Nice place to keep shelter from the freezing Swinburne continent. Its nice to find a new home. =)

It seems like sometimes, he goes in... The wrong way. Looks hard to get use to the new home..

Mischievious Elmo in action again! He imitates superman! PS: Small kids shouldnt try this at home~! =P

Woah! Seems like superman charmed a pretty lady! Elmo's first kiss. Noo kiss by force! Somebody! Stop the pretti ladi! Nuuu!!! Elmo donnta lurvess youuu!

Elmo could not take it anymore, and off he goes! He escapes through a nearby boat, and heads back to his headquarters, his old home.

He's back, to his old, rundown home. He learnt a very valuable lesson today, that is to be a good boy, and let humans torture again. And there he is... A punishment for his escape.
- Death Penalty -

We'll see how little Elmo gets away from that...
Thats all about little elmo. More about him next time =)

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