Friday, September 12, 2008


Today went to 3rd mile CIBC Bank with Cally. Or whatever bank i cant remember the name.. Cally went to withdraw some cash $.$ Tomorrow w'all gonna spend many many !! Wee =P Paintball and badminton. Here we come! Ha then borrowed RM10 from Cally to pump oil coz my mum used it all =( Seriously need reload for my wallet hehe... Then went to the Spring under Jamie's request. Cally and I went to Sugarbun 1st.. And i saw my sis !! Ahh miss my bongbong =D So long didnt chat wor.. Need find some time and chat chat !! I got lots of things and problems to tell... Need a caring listener =P Then jalan jalan... Saw something mwahaha... Shh cant tell... Did something too, planned something too... Cant tell hehe... Shhhhh... Ha didnt know Cally like loud songs too she asked me to put songs loud loud + megabass hehe.. Good next time bring her i can put loud songs!! Cause i thought that most people would say its noisy =( Then... programming blablabla.. Tonight going to church!! Then i plan to sneak out again after that... Go where huh.. Maybe playing with cars again with my cousin.. Hmm that would be a good idea wahaha!! Good good... Cant wait.

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