Friday, September 12, 2008


A fleeting look.. At somewhere.
A fleeting look.. At someone.
Glass is a type of matter, intact.
A piece of square, unable to mend if broken into pieces.

Rain is a path of nature, undisturbed.
A cycle of life, repeats itself over and over again.

Why doesn't glass break into equal pieces, but randomly?
Why doesn't rain fall straight onto the ground, but slantingly?

It is the ground which changes the breakage of glass.
It is the wind who changes the direction of rain.
By looking forward, resolved is a course of nature.
But by glancing obliquely, unresolved, ambivalently is a variant course of nature.
Artificially done, may well still align a sound path.

Not solely effectual in fixing a wounded patch, but without doubt drawing a rainbow after a deadly storm.
Perhaps, that would be sufficient, to redeem what's beyond... Beyond...

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