Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wash Eye

Morning i drive car to hair-shop! Since my mum is busy teaching hehe..
Ok now i have tidy hair again. =)

Afternoon... Whole time driving. Dropped my brother off at Tabuan Jaya, then went to BDC and buy P sticker. Then go my grandma house at Foochow road =.= Sit sit a while... and sent my mum back home since she still has class =P
And i went to my cousin Derrick's house. We went to Saberkas~ I bought a present for my fren, and rick did a survey on handphones. When we got back to the car we realised that the oil tank is blinking!! No OIL!! Went to pump oil at HuiSing XD Good also la my cousin live near there phew~ The wind was howling, and signs of a storm is approaching. I sped home huhuhu~

Then 6 went to the Junk.. Nothing much actually.. Just i made new friends? Just by sitting on a same table, and we got to talk. Ha girls nowadays are so open. They talk before we do XP Got a few cute girls.. One looked like my previous person i admirer. The eyes, smile, movement and actions.. Oh swt, luckily i reminded myself not to keep reminiscing of the past. Its high time i moved on. Life, goes on, leaving us behind if we keep holding to our memories...

Then chat chat with Sue... Something interesting... Mmm.. Well that kept me alive. If not i would be directionless the whole night =(

Here's some pictures of The Junk, and a place near it.
Too bad i dint get a shot of the cute girls, if someone would be interested =P Sry ya hahaha

These 2 are the little pond beside the toilet. Ish the toilet is sharing one. As i am a gentlemen i let the girls go 1st =P

Err these two are also a pond.. But not at the Junk, at another shop which my friends took the route to their cars.

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