Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tag. ? ! * & ^ % $ #

Tagged by Cally!! @_@ Cally! i got 'hiu' your tag ar! =)

Rules:-State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself
-Tag 10 more persons (Semua Tag habis by Cally adi)

1. I love pink pillows (only Cally and Hsien knows coz they saw it hehe.. used since young =P)
2. I have lots of soft toys, and intend to have more, but mum dont allow =( and she keep taking them away =.=
3. I have many decorations on my study table O>O or shall i say.. distraction? (perfumes etc)
4. Prefer to devote silently rather than openly
5. Reminiscing over memories are my favourite pasttimes (this is where my handy diary comes into use)
6. Somehow have inclination towards preferring female singers than male singers o.o
7. *Shy* Love to bite my nails >< (dont tell anyone k...)
8. *Not So Shy* Love to bite my lips, lower ones more often XD
9. DayDreaming whenever i have the chance, or even better sitting idlely looking at raindrops during a cloudy, rainy day
10. Comb my hair to the left at home, to the right outside home~
11. Naturally TEND to sleep on my left, though i keep forcing myself to sleep on my right
12. LURVES staying behind something, somebody, somewhere. And watch from behind. =D
13. Care too much, or too less at the same time. Unanimously for the former, exclusive for the latter.
14. Always wake up half an hour earlier than my alarms(*i set 4 alarms FYI, my fear of getting up late =)* ) ~ Then i go back to sleep again, and then my alarms come into use xP
15. Unexplainable compassionate feelings for the disabled. Just feel sad to see the OKU's helpless
16. Can PracticallY accept any comments and humiliation from friends, peers EXCEPT that i HATE the act of my mum comparing ME to OTHERS when others are BETTER zzz
17. Love to say Hello, but Hate to say Goodbye; Love to say GoodNight, but hate to say GoodMorning
18. HATE dilemmas, HATE solving problems prompted by others
19. Dislike mushrooms for no reason, Hate cameras for no reason =D
20. Hate it when people wake me up from sleep, and frighten me by suprise.

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