Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2008 Kuching Festival

Morning Shiela's class. Dono what name she call me, all wrong wan. Zzz...
She's a complete idiot when it comes to modern things, i realised. Like online dictionary... computers... and stuff she will not know =.= Oh well i have an old-fashioned lecturer this sem.
Pisses everyone off.

Programming fun as usual =) Nice teacher, or should i say kind? Pretty? Rite...?! XP
Psst* 'pretty is quoted from JHSia' (Sia 2008, ProgrammingII Lecturer Is Pretty)

Multimedia. Dont know who the heck is that. Talk birdy language. Obviously, does not jibe with mine language. 2hours doing ergonomics crap.

After multimedia! Freedom! Going to KuchingFest2008! I was hesitant at first.. But since my mum dint answer my call, and i was ditched by *JHSia*, i had to follow the GanG there.
The GanG includes: Jo&Sue, Cally, Jamie, Stella, Eugene, Ric and also Me.

Jamie Jo and Sue bought a balloon each Oo and when we were going back they were mocked by a little kid. They will state what the kid said, utterly sakai-stic, ops i meant sarcastic =)
Its good to go out to the open once in a while... We also did our tattoo~ Woo~ I did two! cool huh..
Here are some pictures of my tattoo hehe...
FYI, more pics will mostly be available at the twins' blog : Jo-Ann & Sue-Ann

I cant wait till the next gathering. The next one will be with Sia, Liang, Hui and Lex them. This Saturday, coming soon. Until then... till then...

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