Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dreams Of Life

Although days of monotony is tiresome, there are still fun and joy in it.
These exhilirating moments come in various forms, embellishing the day.
Though we might take that for granted, we still need them to counter the sense of boredom.
To fight off nothingness in our lives.

To finally accomplish one of my biggest dreams in life, is indeed sheer elation.
Although it turn up not to be as perfect as i dreamed, but still reached to what i expected.
I never thought that i could reach this far at this time of my life. And it could expand furthur... Deeper and into more wonderous outcomes... Slowly and gradually shall it grow, and when the time comes, i will have nothing else to wish for. Because, i have Found, and Fulfilled my dream.

Dreams of life give hope to oneself, otherwise a direction. To identify the direction of one's life, is what that keeps oneself going in life. Should there be a motive, a goal, life isnt that meaningless after all...

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