Sunday, August 10, 2008


Went to Kuching Festival yesterday at 6. Eat eat eat then suddenly no electric? Later on only we realised that its a blackout in whole kuching!! 1st time... i think?
But at least i met my sis~ Jason and Andy too. Ha so long dint see my sis, aiyo missed her =P But too bad we dint get a chance to really sit down and talk about things... Haiz.

When i brought ah Liang home, BOOM an accident happened beside us. The back of the Proton Wira got dented XD Luckily it was not mine O_O Then went to Eugene/Alex's house... Go pee pee a while... Waste some time there... then brought Sia home.. Omg so damn dark... Ha got go visit Cally's house, but no ppl there to welcome us =(

Sped home only to realise that my house has electricity. Thought my family was barbequed and wanted to use the car to cool themselves =S Had supper at HuiSing, then went to grandma house. Such a tiring day... Today i will be doing EM !! If not i shall be dead tomorrow. =( =( =(

Here are some pictures that i took before the 'blackout'. Clever of me to take pictures beforehand huh? =P

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