Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Immeasurable Misery

To heave a sigh, and ask why.
To weave a lie, and then cry.

Lovely and Dreadful times comes consequently.
The looming future seems unpromising, with acrid ridicules to mess things up.
The sea does not waver without a reason, as the wind blows.
Things does not happen without a reason, as the instigator goes.

Cups can be broken, and hearts the same.
The flesh can be hurt, and feelings the same.

Why does this ordeal waver this determination?
Does not faith lasts?

Dejection and Solitude loves its company.

A path that withhold fraught dangers and possibilities.
I WAS, AM, and WILL be willing to persist.
No matter what happens, I will still be myself.
Despite the anguish and miseries.
I will always, be the same.

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