Thursday, August 21, 2008

Days Of Gleam

The glaring sun, scorches our naked eye,
The gentle wind, blows as we cry.
The days pass like sands in a hourglass, somewhat slow, or fast..?
A gleam of hope, materialize to the window of our soul, somehow minute, to vast...?

A rainbow always appear after a deadly storm.


Ok these few days.. Quite normal, just that recently i have been driving more often =D To school i mean hehe. Went to the new library very often too.. A very alleged nice place to be. Good 'feng shui' too can see many pretty girls XD

Yesterday was my presentation for English Oral =( So restless about it.. Although i think i'm no good, but i remembered a lesson, that is although we might think what we done is not good enough, it might be okay in reality =) So, i choose to believe that i done well. *Smiles, Smileys*

KuchingFestival is gonna end soon - this Sunday.. Tomorrow going again with DiongHui, Liang etc. But i wanna meet Fanny and BongBong la.. Misses them =( Only chance.. KuchingFestival.. Dont go away!! No..... *KchFes getting far..* No!! Wait for me!!! *KchFes gets furthur and furthur* Ahhhhh~~~ *KchFes is gone* =( *Sad* ~ But, if matters cant be contrived well.. then i shall wait. Wait. Wait. And wait. Maybe time waits for no man? But i shall wait for time =D Till then.. Till then...

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