Sunday, August 31, 2008

MER ~ De ~ KA !!

Although i admit i am not a patriotic person, but to be able to stay up until 12 is amazing.
(shh actually i can stay up due to games hehehe... )

Ehk hem... Ahh, how nice the sound of fireworks, though only for a moment.
How i wished i were out there, viewing the twilight sky?
Well, looks like i'll only be able to do that on Chinese New Year~

Ok ar... CNY u faster come ah ! I cannot wait for you to come!!
Wear new cloths, get angpao, see fireworks, blablabla... Ahhh~!!!
LaLaLa This shall be a special day, i can tell hehe =P

Believe me! Dont believe in yourself!
Believe in me who believes in you!!

(Anonym Anime 2008)

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