Monday, August 4, 2008

Pieces of Puzzle, Elucidated or Unrequited?

A puzzle, is something new and not known.
But it is something which we seek an answer from.

A puzzle is started with nothing.
Pieces, are slowly put together and gradually form a part.
Parts, are again slowly merged to form a complete puzzle.

We might lose faith, confidence and trust during these times.
But the cloudy and muddy shall eventually be clarified.
This illumination dawn on us, caught us puzzled.
And we will know at that time, that everything is all right.

Things will and might not always go your way, but it due to God's plan.
If only, we persevere with determination and faith, we can trounce this ordeal.

Although maybe we could not finish the puzzle, or forfeit this anonymity unanswered, at least we learn a lesson from it. And next time.. We shall be more knowledgeable.

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