Friday, August 15, 2008

Concluding Supposition.

What you do, does not jibe to mine.
What you think, is not similar to mine.
What you feel, does not link to mine.
What you say, is not in accordance to mine.

How should i cease your credulousness?
Maybe I should not ask how, because I am not You.
Why should i concern about Thy blissful ignorance?
Maybe You should not ask why, cause You are not I.

This insinuation isn't fraught with peril to Thee, but is with fraud from beyond.
So I should worry about Mineself, Not Thee.
This degradation disintegrates Mine heart, Not Yours.
So Thee should worry about Thyself, Not Mine.

"As mishaps occurs, oneself should withdraw from disarray to keep oneself from being, misconstrued" 2008, Me.

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