Friday, August 29, 2008


I start with a morning going to school doing nothing.
Oh maybe just retrieving receipt for school fees, and watching the Multimedia lecturer walk out of it from us. =.= I would be fine, but what about my friends who haven't checked? Wait 20 mins also cannot meh... Now i wonder how are my friends gonna make it through... I can only say, "Good Luck!"

Afternoon. Watch muvee muvee entitled: "Money Not Enough 2". Really not enough XD
A continuation of "Money Not Enough 1" from 10 years ago. Funny, and quite touching. But dont know why i feel i sudden fatigue... And i persevere, and went on with the day. We always cannot make up our mind, or maybe its just plainly Kuching have nowhere nice to go? At last we FINALLY decided, and went to Riverside, took a sampan to the other side of the Sarawak river! Omg this is my 1st time!! Sampan... Quite scary, i think i have water phobia O.O!! Haha~ Nice view.. no wonder Jonathan introduced here before in his blog... =D After that we went to Tun Jugah.. Just walk around.. phuuu~! But at last we also Made a Decision to eat at the food court at the top floor. I ate Claypot Chicken Rice!! Yumm!! Haaa that Stellalala ate ButterChicken rice! So typical de!! REally swt, until cannot swt X) Hsien had to bring his brother from sch, and Stella had to bring her sister from tuition, so they went earlier. I just brought Liang and Alex home.. Then i had a short nap.

Woke up. Hwa~lah !! I'm here now. I have nothing more to say other than, TIRED!!
Damn so worn out... Need some... Energizer... =(

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