Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Very Valuable Lesson.

*What we feel may not necessarily be in tangent with what is the real thing.
*Some stuff cannot be taken superficially.
*Let things go on their course. Dont blame anybody.
*Process of fighting to be the best, does not offend anybody.
*All is fair in war. May the best win.
*If you work hard, things will turn out all right.
*Will be respected more highly like a gentlemen if you forgive and forget.
(Lye Mei Yin 2008, Advice for teenage life, August 16 10.30pm)

~Thx Madam Lye.. You're more like a friend than a lecturer. Appreciate your energy and time for advising me.. Grateful to your abundant support. I will remember every word you said..
And i will do well... In every sense of the word.~

I learnt a very valuable lesson tonight.

What is important, and not in life. What to do, and not when facing problems. What to think, and not when analysing things. Accepting things the way they are, but just work hard for your own. No matter how things might turn out to be, just concentrate on working hard.

(All is not for how well the outcome might be, but is of how hard we tried, Gerald Tay 2007)

Most importantly, what we feel might not be tangent to what is happening. What we think we had done wrong, might be okay in reality. Just be satisfied over what you've accomplished, not whining about what you failed.

And again, thx to my dear friend+lecturer, Madam Lye. You gave me revealation about life. Hope, truth and ways of living my life.

*Hakuna Matata*

Definition: Sometimes bad things happen, but there is nothing you can do about it except going on without worrying. (The Lion King 1994)

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