Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiring but Interesting Wednesday...

Wednesday... Hmm... Morning didnt do anything ler, just playing games with Ric xD Fun though kick other people's ass. =P=P I'm a bad boy uhlala~~ jkjk..

Tired la need to go to Maths.. At least the teacher gave us some guidelines and so-called tips. That made it worthwhile if not i'll take that as a waste of time. =)

English... Waited inanely after copied S/XDO from LaLa~ Around 4.45 and stood there like lamp post with friends. Then Jo and Sue come. Other girls dint even see their shadow today. Then we all wait in the class~ Jo and Sue went to buy drink, and came back with my favourite! But too bad not for me =X (Justea Grape with Aloe bits!!) Sad they said it was disgusting =(
And Jo today so funny lar her FatShit spelling mistakes alot~ (Only 2 i was just exaggerating)
Erm.. then Mdm Mok came... bla bla bla.. we handed in our FatShits.. She so pro. Just scan through, write today's date, done. Then we can leave. Totally Cool. But a waste of petrol (according to Jo) =D

Aiya on the way home stuck in traffic jam larhzz.. And still got lighting! and thunder! Worse still Sue can sms even when she's driving @_@ 'SuperWoman'.
Now so tired.. Maybe play a few games.. then want go sleep la.. But haven't even study... Haiz...

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