Monday, June 30, 2008

Mystery.. Or, Trickery..?

Doing nothing. Thinking lotsa.
Doing nothing. Thinking lotsa?
Doing nothing. Thinking lotsa!

Usually I would be tired after using the computer around 12am++... But recently just cant get some sleep.. Lie on the bed for 1 or 2 hours dono do what.. I think i should utilise that time to play more games =) Aih.. But doing some thinking exercise won't hurt anyone too, though.. There's lotsa to worry about... Sometimes i feel... ITs getting furthur.. Something's getting furthur.. And yet sometimes so near, so close... And now i wonder.. I ponder at this whole thing. Am I too late, or am i still a long way to go.. There is little clue to this mystery.. Anything could happen, it could be just a sweet mystery for me to solve, or could end up with a trickery which is heart-breaking..
So in conclusion.. Shall I, or Shall I Not?

A poem in accordance to what i wrote today... A Chinese poem i wrote when i was form4...

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