Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pain In The... Heart

Today same like other days.. Just that by each day that passes, it means that the impending finals is drawing nearer... and nearer.. until i can't breath normally. -Sighs-

Quite a nice morning, 1st time logged into SDO-Xtreme. Woah~ Touched by the music.. Got japanese songs, korean, chinese etc.. All so nice... Went to download them Immediately =) hehe..
Now can enjoy *Weeee so nice.......

Argh went to cut my hair.. Coz my mum complain E V E R Y day that my hair is TOO long and messy. Haihz... Now good lo, cut until so funny, she complained even more. I'm afraid i'll be deaf soon if i don't get EarMuffs soon.. Someone help me.... (jk XD)

Gonna study later, dono can or not la now no mood =( Aaaaahh... Heartpain heartpain =S

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