Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Impending Crisis Extinguishes Existing Serenity...

Today woke up at 10 something.. ah yesterday chat with Bryan until 12.30.. Swttt..
10am wake up play facebook nia =P And 12 noon go school also play facebook - pokemon until 4pm hahaha!! (Childish...) ><''

IT test very easy. Just some part not vey confident so.. But i think, and i hope can get a HD for it.. hehe.. Haiyo and my sitting place so perfect can peek others'computer (HEHE) Curi tengok Mwahaha *evil grin* Sue do sooo fast oh i take a peek and saw colourful stuff.. Not clear though since it was a glance at least saw colourful things. Like butterflies =) The room damn cold, almost shivering ... =.= Luckily the invigilators are -smart- enough to turn off the air-conditioners and open that wooden door @.@

Aiyo today onwards oil station gonna close down on strike oh.. Its such a nuisance. But some people really cannot afford the current petrol price.. so i understand.. But no oil is also troublesome! Where should i side for now?!! Sighs.. Go pump until fullfull lo see how long its last.. I no classes anyway holidays' have arrived. Just wondering if my plan to learn driving gonna be ruined... Sweat.

I haven't study Innovation! Shit got so many *papers to read.. Programming shouldn't be a problem since its just the same thing all over.. Can't wait for tomorrow =P And the day after.. And the one after that... Eh dono what to do why i still looking forward to it wuuu ~.~
Well just hope that tomorrow will be a smooth day...

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