Friday, June 20, 2008

If You're Happy, I'm Happy? Say NO to Time Intervention!!

Did almost nothing again today. Now the weather very unpredictable ar. But at least its in sequence =P Morning Sunny, Afternoon Rain. =.= Has been like this for a few days already... Hmm.. but i guess it wouldnt be a statement =)

This morning spent an hour + playing the piano.. And composing my own music... Came up with a few very nice tunes... What's my purpose for... Well... (Can't tell. Everyone has a dream of their own =P )

Read MX Chapter5 for few seconds then my thoughts swayed off again... Missing 'someone' again.. Why whenever i take liking to someone, i just can't stop thinking about them. Any remedy? Anyone? (Guess not, i'm just talking to myself..) Today almost cannot tahan edi lar.. feelings overflowing and reached the breaking point ar.. But i still managed to calm down (That's why i am still writing this =D) Missing someone is a very 'relaxing' pasttime.. or not i guess. -.- Although its just a few days, it seemed like years.. or forever. I guess i worked out the definition of liking someone - "Whenever you like someone, what you can't stand is the separation of time, not distance." Quoted from Me =X

Sometimes, feelings are just a miss match in time. For example, the people you meet might not be at the correct time and place. But it's human nature to desire for love: To show affection, and to receive so too. So sometimes we don't care if the person we like is true or not =/
But some people might say: "If he/she's happy, I'm happy." Thats soo not correct. (Although i used to think so =P) Happiness must be maintained by both parties, like the saying goes: 一拍不响. XD

So bored. So today i want write many many. Many many! Spam Blog!! hmm.. I feel childish. Swt.. Just hope that the intervening time between our meeting will soon, pass. Miss You~

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