Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1st Blog. 2nd Diary. =)

Haa... Nothing much to say about today... Another simple day. Morning went to programming class.. I went abit earlier coz mum no time =( Hah but saw Sia and Simms at 7th floor~ They both on facebook O_O Wow looks quite fun so with those interesting applications.. XD Programming time.. Well.. It was easier than we thought. No Talk. No Action. Just mere hand exercising by clicking the mouse =) Quite fun though... duh. Went back and did nothing. Slept whole afternoon, love the rain, the cool breeze.. Opened my window ABAP! (As Big As Possible) Kekeke... Then do my FatShit (Fact Sheet) =.= Haahh.. Then gaze stupidly at the computer. Well a bit chatting besides that... Waiting time to pass, and hope there will be more things for me to do... (Lazy huh dint mentioned about studying hehe shhhh....)
I think this will do for my first ever so-called-BLOG.
Looks fine to me.. and.. Ha didnt contain any personal stuff.. That'll go into my diary (hehe)...
Lalala~~~ This is my second diary though ^^

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