Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Hourglass. Sands of Time...

Today i sleep until 10am... Pump semangat and study MX Chapter 5! Since i always do my studying on my lovely comfy bed, i tend to fall asleep right after i finished a chapter =( Thats so sad.

Then 12 sth baru wake up.. eat lunch... Then use computer... hehe... go facebook, friendster... etc.
Nothing much to do btw..

Then I wanna write my blog.. But realised that there is many improvements for my blog available, so i asked the Great JHSia to teach and guide me~ Wakaka. Jk la. Added shoutbox, it's really fun. For me though like a chatting place =D After those editings... i write my blog. Ah that brings me back to the present. Hmm.. what to write...

Its very dangerous posting stuff like missing 'someone' here... Coz i always get questions like 'who is that' & 'You love someone isit'.. Really... Extremely.. Totally, Risky. Cant afford to risk that much again =) Maybe i'll write some.. SOME. Sighs my diary is still the most trustworthy friend to express my feelings to.. Coz my diary never complains and listens to what i wanted to say T_T so touched.
(haha jkjk) Most importantly.. Diaries never betrays people, and thats what i like.

I today write so early because... ... Tonight going to grandma house overnight. Once in a while teman them laa (See me so caring Hehe.. *Evil grin*) No la.. actually just a few cousins go there 'camping' lah.. Meriah meriah ma.. And i can talk feelings with my cousin huhuhu. Well... I'm not being paradoxical.. just that diaries dont give feedback right? And human does.. And now.. Really troubled.. Need someone i can trust to give opinions about what i should do...

All is because... Time always intervenes... And now, I am running out of time... The sands of time, drip drops... Every moment that passes, becomes, a past. Eventually... it will become, a memory.

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