Saturday, June 28, 2008

I miss.... I miss.... And I Treasure.

Yesterday very fun oh~~ Me, Sia, Alex, DiongHui and Ah Liang go watch movie.. Called 'Get Smart'. Recommended! Looks a little stupid, but funny too =P Can't tahan the stupidity laa.. Hahaha~! B4 we went in the hall, we took some pictures =) Of the scenery from StarCineplex above~ Weeeeeee so nice a scenery Hehe... Then go makan.. then go swinburne a while =)

After that we go home coz Sia's father want to use the car... So we ended up not accompanying Alex to the airport.. oh well... And da girls went for pizza~ Too bad we boys didn't go. Yumm....

A tribute to school... A naughty picture me and my friends have taken (hehe kekeke) No offense (JhSia), just for laughs~ This shows that sometimes, classes can be boring that we fall asleep XD But as you can see, we humans never appreciate things, until we eventually lose them. Classes are boring at times, but after we do not attend these classes, we tend to miss them. - Human Nature.

Today... nothing much either... Play maple whole day.. Haiz... Holidays... Without school, i feel aimless. I miss school... lotsa.. *sighs sighs~ Lazy write anymore.. Nothing to express lately.. This... this... this... tedium =.=

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