Sunday, June 22, 2008

Forever.. Is Not, Forever

Slept at 2.45am during my sleepover at my grandma house.. We all had lots to talk about.. And we woke up at 9 =( Feeling a bit drowsy.. Need more sleep... Thats why i fell off in the middle of my studies again =P now 7.00pm.

Have to serious le.. Have been swaying off my studies these few days.. Now really need focus.. Coz... Tomorrow is FINAL! Omg.. Now only i woke up.. Haiz.. =( May a miracle save me. Have pity on my puny soul... Now.. Really need you very much... I need support. Oh well..

Soul...? Beautiful soul~~ Lala~ Ops i'm singing again, *slap slap* Wakeup...


The time is still ticking.. That what i wrote 2 years ago.. I think it's a very meaningful verse..
Forever is compared to the changing seasons. In short.. ~We Should Treasure Time Given Since Its Advent, As Adversity Is Impromptu~

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