Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tagged by Jo. Erm... and Sue, indirectly.

1. Do you like anyone? Nope. Not like.
2. Do they know it? Yes. Just like.
3. Simple or complicated? Complicated in a simple way
4. Bought something? Uh uh.
5. Gotten sick? Recently. *My Foot* sob
6. Been hugged? Yala
7. Felt stupid? Yala
8. Talked to an ex? Sort of.
9. Missed someone? Till the extent
10. Failed a test? Obviously. U think i so smart ka?
11. Danced? Not in front of public =P
12. Gotten your hair cut? Hell ya and it sucked
13. Lied? I will have to say yes.
14. Nervous habits? Yeah but it faded away along with time...
15. Are you double jointed? Im not that talented ok?
16. Can you raise one eyebrow? Im not "The Rock" haha
17. Can you cross your eyes? Cross...?
18. Do you make your bed daily? Never. Only when told to =)
19. Do you think you are unique? In a special way hehe
20. Said " I Love You"? Sort of, always indirectly
21. Given money to a homeless person? Not sure
22. Smoked? Im not like 'some people'
23. Waited all night for a phone call? Yeah it was fun times XD
24. Snuck out? No, don't need to since i have all the freedom i can ever have
25. Sat and looked at the stars? Sat? Sort of standing at the balcony
26. Do you swear/curse? Curse...? Not now, but before
27. Do you ever spit? Yala
28. You cook your own food? Uh... no.
29. You do your own chores? See 1st
30. You like beef jerky? Hmm i would prefer other snacks
31. You're happy with your life? Currently blissfully elating since i might not in the future
32. You own a dog? NO BUT I WANT ONE. grrr
33. You spend your money wisely? Nope coz i am wise *haha crap
34. Do you like to swim? Hee haa wanta, but for the sake of...
35. When you get bored do you call a friend? Friends are not for the sole purpose of that usage
36. Flowers or Angels? Angels... My favourite
37. Grey or Black? Silvery Black =D
38. Color or Black and White photos? Colorful ones ! Its not nice to reminisce all the time (black and white)
39. Lust or Love? Love X Infinity
40. Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise since beginnings are WAY better than endings
41. M&Ms or Skittles? What...? are those
42. Staying up late or Waking up early? Waking up early woohoo! If not how to catch the sunrise =P
43. Being Hot or Cold? I'd rather die cold than die hot
44. Winter or Fall? Winter, my favourite.
45. Left or Right? I want front
46. Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? 2 Best Friends!
47. Been dumped? Never started, never ended
48. Stolen money from a friend? Steal? -/- in your dreams *im not broke*
49. Been in a fist fight? Ages ago =P
51. Had a crush on a teacher? Teacher... Interesting... Give me a better option =X
52. Seen someone die? On tv
53. Been on an airplane? Thats our sole transport for long distance destination, yah.
54. Slept all day? It will just end up with a headache, so better not.
55. Missed someone so much it hurt? Sort of
56. Fallen asleep during school? Just to piss the teachers off
57. Been lonely? Sort of
58. Cheated in a game? How...?
59. Been to the ER? Apa itu
60. Been in a car accident? Nooo i dont wanna
61. Had detention? Im living in Malaysia, and there's nothing called 'detention' yet
62. Missed your first love? Trying my best not to, ... err... Tried.
63. Cried yourself to sleep? Maybe if i broke up in the future -.-
64. Sung in the shower? Every single day.
65. Kissed a complete stranger? 0% possibility
66. Laughed so hard you cried? HAHA form5 times...
67. Cheated on a bf/gf? Never started, never ended
68. Regretted hurting someone? There are times i regret, and times i DONT
69. Regretted loving someone? Love has nothing to regret for.
70. I Tag : Anyone who sees this...?

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