Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Summer Sem

A whole new beginning !

Nah just kidding its 3rd sem. =) We're now a part of swinburne. And there were, is and will be things that drives us closer or furthur from whatsoever. Mwahahaha so the vacant times will be used for enjoyment !

"Life Is For Enjoyment"

But there is still monotonous times )= We have a lecturer who is obsessed with locking the dorr; one who is darn repetitive and crapful; and one who is like a sissy with gender awareness problems. Oh my godddddd why have u sent to me these peopleeee Aaaahhhhhhhhrhhrhhrhhh~~~

About this summer semester, there is much to expect to, and little at the same time. I foresee empty holes, unfilled voids (most probably during the time i'll be gone temporarily).

Life is always fair - good and bad things come subsequently. One after another. Good things, you wouldnt understand and feel what i feel anyway, so i shall leave that out. Regarding the bad things... You might just as well take that as growing 'hope' in autumn. Ya, that shall do. -.-

What i wished for was realised.
And what i didnt wished for was realised too.
In a good way.
In a bad way.

And i thought it would felt like summer.

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