Friday, November 21, 2008

Crocodile Farm

The day started with a meeting at our usual place, at Doctor Khoo there ! =D And this is what i saw ! A cute but poor little kitten =( I wan but sure not allowed by my mum *sigh* Lemme tell u a story: Doctor Khoo said ever since she rescued this little kitten from being chased by stray dogs, it kept coming back to her house XD Even though Doctor Khoo's mum keep chasing it away Hahaha ! Doctor Khoo is such an 'animal lover' ...? Maybe not as Marlene =P Marlene's pet cat died when we called to ask her for tea, i mean... kena langgar. Uhhh Marlene now very sad, cat kena own father langgar haha. But doctors are still monitoring. Miracle it did not die.


Ok here's the Crocodile farm, and pictures can do most of the talking now...

Lizard... or Dinosaur...?

Omg what type of turtle is this... or... Tortoise...?

Cute Owl !! And i thought it should be sleeping during the day =/

Owl metamorphosis ! The flight of an eagle~ Uhh... its still perching. Duh

Now meet the fearsome bearrr!!! RAWRRRR! "noo dont eat us"

Aww beautiful peacock doesnt wanna show its feathers
A crocodile which can crack your butt into two.. Though its already in twos anyway =P
Deers! Its sad some animals arent that active =(
A naughty turkey which followed around, but behind the fence. Watch it before i turn u into a cooked turkey *Sluurrp hehe
Fishes in a pond
King... of the fishes...?
And now its time for some sceneries... Its damn idyllic, but can be so monotonous too =P Ah so contradicting

Romantic right? They took 'Stella and Mike' s place =( Ha just fooling around before 3pm which is, crocodile feeding time =)
And after feeding time it started to rain... Looks like these amphibians are more active during wetty times.
And aren't these monkeys cute. We can actually FEED them !
RABBITS ! Omg my favourite among all animals ! I'll go KL and steal some back hehe... (jk)

After crocodile farm, me and Hsien went home. But before that everyone tried out manual cars o-o *wink wink* Then we went to hijau and drink tea, Marlene came a little later. We so long dint see MArlene lo... Limteh is a fun thing =D must enjoy it while you're young *hehehe*

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