Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Point of Times.

Standing here, Looking back
I realised
There were times that signify a certain blight. Point, of times.

At those points of time
If only i did not remain stagnate
And did what was suppose to be done
The present might not be as it is.

At those points of time
If only i saw through the insinuation You showed me
And reacted in accordance
The puzzle might not be needing its last pieces.

At those points of time
Although i was drunk by fizzles of contentment
I was sub-consciously awoke and aware
Despite the fact the fog of effervescence blurred my view.

Oh Lord
If you could show me another point of time
That i might realise in the future
I might not be as i am now
Glancing back with regrets and,
Agonizing on this current plight.

I may be slightly imploring beyond
But i will be more vigilant and intuitive
And as i pray
Shower my existence with blessings
For i am one who ponder beyond the wildest imaginations.

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