Monday, November 24, 2008

SE c905i

People might have crave and craze over cameras, but i have a different taste. =P

Ladies and Gentlemen, i present you the Great c905i !!

And i shall welcome its touchdown on Kuching! Smile everyone =) =) =)
Not like that, smile like this (= (= (=

Ah whatever smile all you want XP

+ Slide in style (*_*)

+ Pose in style (*_*)
+ Capture moments of life in style (*_*)
Colors available : Black ; Silvery White ; Copper Gold
I cant find pictures of Copper Gold )= )= )=
But hopefully
lets pray that
You'll have a chance to see it on my hands. (= (= (=
Ah~ I pray for a shower of blessings XP
Not to be greedy hehe... I just, really really really really really wan. So does that makes it a need?

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