Friday, November 14, 2008

An Insight Beforehand

Its been a fun day, but there's more to come. The sense of joy lies in the air just when you're busy preparing for something fun. Despite the facts that there might be much hindrance, but its ALL worth it. So why frown? =)

And most of all, its the planning that is interesting. Everyone can imagine a group discussion with lots and lots of ideas coming into play. Can you...?

For me.. I can see the butterflies.. Ha just kidding =P I see... LOTS and LOTS of goodies. Erm.. I actually mean... Biscuits and Bread. Kaya and Butter. Keropoks and Soft Drinks. And... many many... uncountable... Sand? Sea water...? Or sunbathing might be a better plan. Dotz, maybe not.

And having the idea of turning ourselves into middle aged Aunties, going to a Bakery one hour earlier before the "Half-price session", snatching all the loaves of bread before anyone does. Unfortunately, we failed. At least there were something up our sleeves, and we had to resolve to the last resort. I bought 2 loaves of bread and little candies for the "journey". Its going to be a long and hard journey through the mountains so we might as well be Very, very much prepared. (Just kidding =P )

To my worst, its about washing the "metal thing" that is going to hold 5 people on top for the trip. A brief elucidation is just that it was EXTREMELY tiring.

So now its time to sit still, and think ahead. I normally think two steps ahead, who knows "what" might *So-Very* "Come-In-Handy" =,=

Pray up people!

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