Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Wonderful.

Sorry for the late post !! aahh was sleeping over at my grandparents place for 3 days to keep an eye on their house since their absence =D

The trip to Permai resulted with lots of pictures! Mwahaha XP Err with too much food and too little drinks =( Oh well now i shall post the pictures in Chronicle order.

Reaching Damai/Permai & Look at that dangerous act
Beach of Damai

Our ... Site =) Itu Jo rajin tiup bubble meriahkan suasana

And we played cards (Those are mine *hehe)

People buryin Sia

Notty notty people put a wood as... A symbol of... Umm... U know.

Risen from the dead! Ha just kidding =P
Peruse this thoroughly : "Intimacy"

Ah Liang wanna be new generation de ~ "Lion King"

Now look at those poses !! Looking cool huh? Macam waiting for Tsunami oni
'The Five' in the sea... How long did it took for they to came above surface?
And so~ They decided to encourage... "Couple Bonding" =D
And look! Baby... Dinosaur? Nah... Tini lizard =S

And now i present:
The Last and Best photo of all =P
Looking cool guys *Wink
And two videos to provide a better insight of what we went through there ^@^

Coming out is always more interesting than going in =>

Swimming or rather i say, Playing? XD

Thats all~ Although we had lots of 'hurts' we also lots of 'fun' too =P

Can't stop thinking over that Hahaha! And these shall be wonderful memories of our Foundation year. The beginning, of a whole new life.

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