Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine story-tellings

Although Valentine's day brings lots of happiness and laughter, it also brings sadness and sorrow unconsciously. There are people who found their other half, but there are those who had not. A day which causes tons of anxiety in people, whether good or bad.

Well i missed out the fun this year, but things doesn't only happen to me. There are other stories out there, either fulfilled, or unfinished. A significant day that destiny collides with certain people to create their own new stories. On the other hand destiny collides and make some stories end. But.. there are actually more uncomplete stories than complete ones on this particular day.

Sometimes people never even noticed, feelings that were left behind uncaressed. Stories like this are never-ending as there was no beginning, and shall be no ending. At the end of the day, there are destined smiles; and destined frowns. As for those who smiled, best of luck and may it continue everlastingly; as for those who sighed, there is always a new day that will come eventually so don't give up hope too early yet ya? =)


And this is my story: It ends here. It never had any of a beginning, as it was not properly told; And it never had an ending, as there is no ending to suit the story anyways. So now i end my story here, and it shall be retold in the impending future.

For when shall the cupid's arrow strike my storybook like a comet?
Nobody knows.

And now, thats all for today.
*Storybook closed*

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