Friday, February 13, 2009


Reunion with Marlene & the gang at 5 after finish watching KyleXY. Is that considered a reunion? Hmm i dont think so =P But we did usual stuff, bla bla bla whole way.

7 is the beginning of the night! Meeting place: The Spring. My old buddies are...: Kang Hong, Rui Xiang & Kew Jui. Hong, Xiang and Frank in short =) Dinner place: Food bazaar. Omg i didnt know where was it until Hsien told me, in time lol. After eating... walked around looking for Valentine's Day presents hmm.. Looks like we're a gang huh =D Xiang going to Taiwan soon AKA next Tuesday.. thats why we had this reunion. And he wanted to buy a Valentine's card for his *beloved* Hahaha he even planned how to give to his special girl on Valentine's day. And Kang Hong... eh hmm.. hehe. So envy these contented people *_* +shiny eyes+ Good luck guys! You'll need it *wink* As for me its another normal Valentine. It should not be normal.. but i choose to be.. it should be special.. and so should i...? what am i talking about..

9 is cybercafe moments. We were talking about playing a zombie game called "Left 4 Dead" and so ngam is only for FOUR players !! And we really did play together, saving each other and spamming our bullets on the zombies!! Ahhh HELP!!! *BAng BANG* And a short dota match after that =P

11 is countdown time. Went to McD at TunJugah and settled down. Francis' bday is the 13th that is.. Today! We waited till 12am with him, cool rite? =) Oh and this was the part we couldnt stop laughing. Did not had a good laugh for ages. We talked about the word SaNiNeGuYong which is a very bad word, talking about Xiang taking this word and spread over whole Taiwan, telling them its a greeting phrase XD Since he's going to Taiwan, we kept telling a joke over and over which does not bore us even one bit. Guess what? We told him since he's going to Taiwan, MalaysianRinggit is useless, so we asked him to pay the dinner, McD... HAHAHA~ And he can give us all his MalaysianRinggit, coz he cant use it in Taiwan anyway LOL~!! So many jokes, i wonder the people around can stand our laughters or not XP funny advertisements... and about Kang Hong's house. This part was damn funny: the mice outside his house weren't there anymore... but now.. there is the Four-legged-snake. Haaah EVOLUTION. And the kittens in his house disappeared without reason... What'd you reckon...? *gulpp*

Fran and Xiang AKA Fatja. He made his own movie named Fatja (FatNinja) in youtube lol. It that the reason why he wanted to go to Taiwan...? TVB ACTOR?!! Haha who knows...?

Kang Hong and Fran! OMG Colored hair... im sooooo tempted. Mmm~

Anyways it was definitely a fun night. Driving late at 1 in the morning is so idyllic that there are barely cars on the wide road. Significantly there is a sense... of peace. Anyway i really wanted to revisit my old primary school... wonder what had become of it huh~

1 is the time i note down my day hehe...

Nitey Nitez

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