Friday, February 6, 2009


Im at fault for being so gullible.

When secrets cease being secrets, the 'story' ends,
And things went out of hand.

Maybe secrets should remain in the heart,
Or see where we place our trust.

Knowingly brings more blame when wrong;
unknowingly brings more praise when right.

I think i can't differentiate between dreams and reality now.
Someone weren't invited to my dream, and seemingly created this pleasantry.

Gatecrash, particularly.

I always forgive, but i do not forget.
I do not feel guilty, because the truth is nothing but the truth.

Dreams cease being dreams when dreams stop dreaming.
And when they do, they fade away.

And i proclaim:
For those dreams that have fade away...

. N e v e r F o r g e t T h e m .

Idea generated from:
Final Fantasy X

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