Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jo & Sue's 19th Birthday

A busy day in short =) Woke up early to give support to Chung and Alex for their resit examinations! Then went to Perodua Car Service centre around 9am to teman Hsien coz he alone there. See i so friend?! Right...?! =D Went to find birthday cards before fetching Swee Liang... Damn the cards that place had was so repetitive. But at least there were 2 that caught my attention. At LEAST. ^^

Off to Alison's house!! Wow Jo said 11.30am *SharP* and they were all there before me LoL. Itu Jo-Ann pick up Alison punya handphone when i called and didnt understood a things i said. *Fainted*

It took us quite some time to decide our lunch. Be more decisive PEOPLE! Just kidding, last minute is fun, i like depending on our final instincts =) They sometimes actually lead to more fun. Dont u think? Say YES!! If u say no im gonna kill u. XP

Lunch at FourPointsHotel - a buffet. Overall, considered satisfactory. Then walk around there, look around. Not bad la.. No extra comments.

The fun part had not ended, it has only begun. LaserTag! I kinda missed it since the one near Swinburne shut down and moved to Sejingkat =( * )= But another chance to play it today! I like spectating too, seeing people running around macam no life Hehe. But when i played, i got hit on the head =( Someone ambushed me with a weapon sob sob. Next time we should use that too, it's a way better tactic that shooting that has a probability to miss rite? Jk~

Then so tired and HOT! Limteh at Jadepot near alison's house. And went back to Alison's house of course. Discuss some little things.. eh hem.

All righty, some pictures to do the final talking. Not much though, so don't complain ya?

Triangular stop sign. STOP!!!

Aha! See the birthday girls so happy. *Insanity*Receive so MANY birthday presents XP Nah thats just for fun hehe its actually Stars! Green and Pink, perfect.

Another group photo. This one looks more okay ya? Everyone seems sane. *heh heh*

Can't wait till another outing. There's a holiday going on ya everyone?
U hear meeee?! =)

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