Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dreaming Memory

Dreams always come back. Naturally.
Or maybe.. it does when we seek it unconsciously...?

The heart and the mouth are not always One.
The mouth can say no on the surface, but deep inside the heart says yes.


Maybe its just that thoughts of it conjured twice a day. And that made KPP appeared in my dream.This wasn't a short one though, it was a . l . o . n . g . o . n . e . It seemed like i did not dream about anything else the whole night. Cause all i could recall was just that.

We humans dream more than 9 dreams during a sleep. But why we only remember 1 or 2? It is because we ALSO tend to forget dreams. And the ones that was carved deeply in our minds managed to stay behind, as memories. Memories of dreaming.

Looks like i should stay away from pigs,
or they shall interfere with my dreams again.

Gatecrash, seemingly.

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