Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation Chronicle (Continued)

25th December - Christmas Day Morning

*Took some shots for fun while waiting for all to get into their... Ice-skaters?
*Ice Skating till afternoon ~rm21 ea for holidays =( Expensive but somehow... Worthwhile =)
Aha! Cleaning man! On duty ohoho i got u on camera dude.
Christmas decorations are always so beautiful...
Err well... Traffic jam beside the beauty. 12am lol. A cold christmas for us up here. Not so hot down there anyway heees =D
26th December - Shopping at Ikea & TheCurve
Again beautiful decorations with people who seemed like they never took pictures before

And this! Lamb skin! Good for sleeping soundly *snore*snore

And this when we got back to the attic at home. Yellow sunlight, though unclear here...
*There were alot more things that we did on this day. Like... Watched a movie at the cinema in TheCurve called CathayCineplex. rm6 per person and tell you what~ You wouldn't want to go to StarCineplex in Kuching anymore. Ha! jkjk =P Its so damn cheap and the service + seats so comfortable. Lagipun the popcorn... whatthehell... rm5 = Kuching here rm10. Can watch 2 movies also cannot finish. *geram*
27-28th December - Cameron Highlands
Since the trip was almost 200km from town, it was TIRING.
Family picture at a waterfall downhill of Cameron~
And now I Solo. =)
Tea farm. So big.
Climbing to the top of Viewpoint!!! BOH tea hill !

People going down? Why wont u guys stay =D Comon its fresh air here man. Not like no air no air pulak
Err... its my mum.
The wind made me frown =( Show me a little sunshine ok? Let me smileeey
Cameron Highlands Part II - On the way home
Bee farm! You wont wanna get stung by those right?
Bee farms with strawberries! Best pic of the day coz its my gentle hand mwahaha dont vomit guys just kidding XP
29th December - Last day
Dinner before going to airport (recommended)
*Paper-Wrapped-Chicken* =D
And now im home! Wee hee hee
No one said welcome home to me? Sad =(
o kae ri na sai...?

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