Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Truth.

I know i shouldn't say this but, i dont like being constantly bugged. If not i'll sue 'you' with the charges of spiritual harassment. You think you are so cool is it? Don't think everyone likes to be with you. So i suggest you SHUT THE FUCK UP, and stop bugging us.

Dont be

showing off
act pity
dont want face

Don't think you can steal all the glory. Let me tell you, I dont WHATSOEVER mind! So just go on with your 'personality' and be what you be. Just don't start shooting your 'stars' at me. I CANT stand it. Thanks.

You think nobody knows what you are up to? Oh let me think for a second, NOT! If you think everyone is so gullible, you shall be envisaging an end. And just for revenging and avenging my dearest brader, no matter before, now, or onwards, -fuck off- from taking someone's position. And what i am talking about is in something called, 'relationship'. Good you know.

We see it all through. So try to understand us. You guys are so fucking annoying, so leave us alone, and get your own company.

My favourite quote of the time: (which suits NOW well)

"We only go out with people we are comfortable with"
(***** & ****** 2008)

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