Friday, December 19, 2008

Day One, Day Two

Its been ages since i returned to my hometown. Actually all plan failed when the landslide occured near my relatives' dwelling place. But now, there is water, electricity and a detour. You wouldn't believe what really happened here. I'll spare the details for later. =)

Do you see the 'lencongan'? It means detour =D Houses down here are destroyed by the landslide which stretches its destructive area over here, around 50metres i guess??

From far, the landslide. An important experience.

And the fun starts here ! Guess what? U can actually find LOTS of Xmas trees here...

I really love that giant xmas tree XoXo

Performances! Nice dancing, nice music.

Somewhere in mid-valley. I feel so sakai, keep taking pictures oni...
This looks so cute. What to do? My first time here
Ah this is today! Times Square.
Umm this is... U know what la. A packet of condom. Found it in the drawer of the hotel my cousin's staying. There is supposed to be 3 in one packet, but there is only 1 left O_O Cool huh? I'll let you figure out the exciting part ^^

And i! Am so tired of walking. Standing. Sitting. Traffic is overwhelming till you can miss Kuching traffic. Nothing compared to this.. I bought clothes on the 1st day. Today i bought a new bag! My dream bag *hehe* jkjk~ And bought a new wallet. And some... *Secret* ~twinkle twinkle~ Went shopping around cousins around my age. It nice to ask for opinion when buying stuff =P And buying things we love. When my uncles and aunties saw what we bought, they said we have good taste =P For quality and price *hehe* We're unlike some people that totally ignore a word called - "Price".
Even so, my mum still said what i chose are ugly =.= My uncles and aunts said that we dont wear the clothes they buy. But the truth is, it's just plainly not to our liking. What my mum bought and said is nice, doesnt mean that i will agree to that. That is why we shouldnt bring our parents when buying things we like. But u can always bring them along, to cut costs =D And what d'you know, its my 1st shopping on my own, buying stuff i like. And i love it. Gonna do it another time XD
Tomorrow ill be going to KotaTinggi. And my no.1 motive is to... to... RABBITS !! My favourite animal! Aaaahhh gonna catch them catch them mwahaha!!! Okok calm down. Its just the beginning.

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