Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Tide Rises Without A Blow Of The Wind.

And i thought i am able to let this proclivity pass.
But somehow, somewhat, somemore i am more attached to this.
I might get entangled and trapped in this thing.

I had been searching, and i think i have almost found all the answers.
But answers will not serve sufficient, as answers do not fill the empty spaces in the puzzle; in my heart.

Full answers do not always get full marks.
But reasonable answers do.

Everything happens for a reason.
If we try to understand that, an unfinished puzzle would be complete.

Its not all about understanding either, its about putting yourself in that situation as well.

Until i find the missing piece of my heart somewhere, in someone,
I will cease this pursuit.

And winds shall discontinue, while tides shall subdue.

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