Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Moments ago i see holidays as imminent.
And now it is heralding a looming upshot.
I've been walking on this path with composure for quite a while now.
But once again a diverging path materializes.
Somehow... this rings a bell...
The music of my saga conjures manically,
and i involuntarily evoke presence of the past.

I must be given ample time.
In order to streamline this chronicle and preclude it from going astray.
And no matter how many times the sun rises,
i must conclude this before the sun sets.
After the sun sets, darkness shall arise.
Shall the only source of illumination be the twilight moon?

And what, i cant see in the dark. Not just me, anyone can get lost.
Although i claim to always have good sense of direction,
it doesn't seem to help me in this one.
Maybe what i need isn't good senses, what i need is...


Perhaps, a new dawn shall come to pass.
And dusk shall not continue when dawn arrives.
This means, a new hope shall emerge among upheavals.
From there i shall seek for enlightenment.

When that moments comes...
I shall possess the knowledge to do what i have to do.

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