Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Hate This Part... (Part 2)

~Continued from ah Hsien~***
I will, and We do not stress only on the phrase "Mouth Say, Little Brother Gay" or "Chui Gong, Lan Pa Song". We would also like to stress on the act of someone. There are many innocents, and for you know we do not stand alone. Do as you like and walk in the shadows, but we see through all your actions. No explaination is needed, as there is no need for us to be at loggerheads with a failure like you. Your mouth that emanates those rubbish everywhere you go and see puts you on the same level as dirt. Or maybe even worse, as low as an ant. Thats what you are, so accept it. Thx for listening you retarded. See you when you get your mind fixed.

For those who are innocent, please dont be off feeling -perasan- ! Its not you dont worry! =)

And for those who are the one i shoot, oh YES its you! Be more perasan! Dont let me worry! =)

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